Insurer Good Faith Requirements

​A primary role of the Maryland Insurance Administration is to ensure that during the claims process insurance companies act in accordance with State insurance laws. There are two ways the Insurance Administration may assist you with a complaint about a first-party property and casualty (property and casualty insurance includes automobile, homeowners, fire and/or dwelling, inland marine, commercial liability policies) or individual disability insurance claim. You may file an administrative consumer complaint with the Insurance Administration and have your complaint investigated. For more information on how to file and administrative complaint, please click HERE.
If, however, a Maryland consumer believes that his/her property and casualty insurer or his/her disability insurer failed to act in good faith in making a decision and wants to seek special damges against the insurer, he/she may file a civil complaint with the Insurance Administration.


General Background

27-1001 Civil Complaint Process
Form to file 27-1001 cases
SB 389 as enrolled
The law that created the administrative process for these civil filings.


 The Amended Law

COMAR 31.08.11 being enacted by the MIA to implement this process


​Bulletins to Industry

          Bulletin 16-30
          October 21, 2016
For Cases under 27-1001 of the Insurance Article and 3-1701 of the Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article
As of October 1, 2016
This is an Excel spreadsheet that should be saved, then filled out and submitted as instructed.
As of October 1, 2016
​​This is an Excel spreadsheet that should be saved, then filled out and submitted as instructed.